Battle Bridge

Come Join Us Aboard * * USS CONSTELLATION * *
or Join the Flag Ship * * * * USS BRAVEHEART * * * * we leave this planet at warp factor 5 heading to the stars and the universes that lie beyond. Did you think our universe is the only one? We create alternate universes every day..some call it daydreaming it's called the Trek Universe. We can take a ride on the USS Constellation or USS Braveheart anytime we gather and imagine what might happen if we were on that mission..what would we do? Lets play it out and see..hmmmmm..

The Constellation and Braveheart construction is complete at the UFP Bathian shipyards. There each has undergone a fine tuning process to ensure maximum performance in battle conditions. Both ships are fitted with a new expermental labratory which will provide on-the-spot solutions(I'll believe it when I see it!)to whatever our ships may encounter. Quantum and photon torpedoes, new cloaking technologies etc..lets just say we'll hold her own with anything out there!

Now that we are fully operational, we are asking all those who wish to join her crew to attend Starfleet Academy. Ask for Professor Forge or Asst Professor Rixx and tell them we sent you...they'll know what to do. Well trained officers will be needed as we set forth on our voyages between earth's solar system and the outer rim. That said, if you feel you're ready and can ship out Friday's @ 10pm ET, take the "sign-on" lift below our schedule.

Our mission schedule is as follows:
Friday @ 2200 hrs [10:00pm ET]
----------Engage !--------
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To Fleet Orders and this Week's mission take the"Mission Control Center"turbolink below.

To become a part our adventures as a member of the crew aboard the USS Constellation or the Flag Ship Braveheart, take this turbo lift and step up to the bridge ... sign-on

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Mission Control CenterWARP 5 ENGAGE!! HERE Federation..Alien Ship Recognition

Ship's Specifications Battle Arena

Communications CenterMAY THE GODS BLESS US!!

Starfleet Officers: Add your name to the Enterprise E Roster

**If you are stranded in the Delta Quadrant without e-mail, you can reach us immediately through the Worlds Wide Page system atMirabilis using the UIN #456207.

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